Klimatic Architecture

high performance, envronmentally responsive design


At Klimatic, we believe that it is essential to coexist with our fragile ecosystem.  Truly sustainable architecture not only minimizes its impact on the site where it is located, but also incorporates sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.  High performance buildings that capitalize on our abundant renewable natural resources, while minimized the use of non-renewable resources, are a critical component of sustainable design.  Every building we design is integrated with its specific environment and is situated to capitalize on the natural surroundings and native vegetation.

Through our designs we endeavor to break down the barriers between interior and exterior space, and encourage a natural flow between the two.  This design strategy has several benefits.  As we create comfortable outdoor spaces, we are able to reduce the amount of conditioned space, thereby conserving energy.  The natural light that results from our design process creates a healthier, more pleasant interior environment in addition to reducing energy consumed for artificial lighting.

This broad approach to design is complemented with a great attention to materials and architectural details.  We specify the most sustainable materials available, which will meet the particular requirements and take into account both the surrounding environment and health of the building occupants.  Innovative technologies are incorporated into the building to maximize energy conservation.  We can perform computer models of the building's energy consumption in order to optimize our design strategies.  We also use a number of local artisans to provide the finishing details that make each of our projects unique.  For all of our projects, from the location of the building on the site, to the actual building design, to the materials used in the construction of the building, we endeavor to create high performance architecture with minimal environmental impact.

​While all of these elements of the design process are important to us, they are only a portion of the total project and the services the firm provides.  We consider our projects successful only after construction is complete, in a timely manner, and within the budget of the client.